Spartanica – The Survivors of Sapertys, Book 1


Ty and Marcus Mitchell, middle school brothers from the Chicago area, suddenly find themselves hurtled through an inter-dimensional gateway to a mysterious and terrifying world.

They soon discover Spartanica, capital city of the planet of Sapertys, has been completely destroyed, its people vanquished, it’s entire landscape in ruin.

As the boys battle to survive amongst the devastation, they discover Spartanica’s only survivor, Bellana of the Order of Bellator, and a rag-tag fugitive pack of refugees from the distant city of Atlantis, on the run from their deadly beastlike captors, the Desrata.

Ty and Marcus soon begin to realize their new friends have secrets… deadly secrets. Who can they trust? Will they ever make it back to Earth, or are they forever stranded in the ravaged wasteland known as…
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