Powers Molinar, Author

Pen Name: Powers Molinar

Yeah, that’s right. Powers Molinar is not my real name… it’s my pseudonym.

Powers is my mom’s maiden name. My grandmother’s maiden name on my dad’s side was Molinari, which I shortened to Powers Molinar. It’s a subtle Thank You and tribute to the wonderful people I’ve been around the most all my life.

What’s my real name? Forticus of the Order of Bellator… kidding! I have enough to do without being Guelphic Commander of Sapertys and stranded forever in Xxenebrae!

School & Stuff
I studied electrical engineering at the University of Iowa way back when Ronald Reagan was kicking butt. After graduation, I stuck around and picked up an MBA and a masters in industrial engineering. People used to say I was “over-educated.” I prefer to think I’m just “well-informed.”

Taking Care of Business
After hanging out in Iowa City for the better part of a decade, I finally had to go make money. I’ve worked all over the place and done a lot of different stuff. Most of my work has been in IT. I’ve mostly managed mufti-million dollar projects installing big, global computer systems. My work has taken me places like London and Puerto Rico.

Spent some time in Australia once… what a trip! I played golf in the town of Anglesea on a course overrun with kangaroos. They were totally mellow. It was like hanging out with old friends. They’d sit and watch as if they owned the place. I swear I heard them laugh once as my ball sliced into the woods. It was probably the people on the next tee.

Writing Most-Excellent Sci-Fi
Primary credit for the inspiration to start writing belongs to my son, Nathaniel. He started reading full-length chapter books by the time he was eight, especially sci-fi. He’d read for a while, and then spend the same amount of time telling me about how cool what he’d just read was. The enthusiasm and excitement in his voice as he would paint the story for me with words was a real treat.

I started reading the books he liked and having ideas about brothers that get sucked through an inter-dimensional gateway to a parallel world…

Sound familiar? Not yet? Click here!

Family & Home
I grew up and presently live near Chicago with my wife, thirteen year-old son and eleven year-old daughter, Christine. Nathaniel is a competitive tennis player while Christine keeps us entertained with her singing and dancing in numerous local musicals. They both do really well in school, due in large part to their love of reading, which started at a young age for both of them.

Another Powers Secret
I’m a big Taylor Swift fan! My daughter started listening to and singing her songs around 2008. While her music is wonderful, her story is inspiring. A twelve-year-old kid from somewhere in Pennsylvania learns guitar with a dream of having people singing her songs and becomes one of the biggest stars on the planet.

She did it! She didn’t let anybody stop her! She made it happen! There are very few people of which I am in awe, but she’s one of them. A terrific true story of grit, dedication, talent, and success!